About Us

For over a century the Hess Family has had a presence in northern Harford County. St. Clair Hess and his clan purchased farmland from Jarrettsville Pike to east of Fallston Road. Hard working farmers of German descent, the St Clair Hess and his wife Anna raised a family of 11 children, many still have family living in Harford County.

A beautiful, tranquil setting to honor the memories of family, friends, and the community of Harford County was the vision of St. Clair’s grandson, Edwin. With shared enthusiasm Edwin and his brother Dale set forth a plan to develop a beautiful memorial garden at the highest elevation of the Hess farmstead, with a serene view of rolling land and a gentle breeze to touch the soul.

The transformation from farm to an all-inclusive state of the art funeral home took time and patience. Today, Highview is proud to offer Harford County’s first and only facility of such at affordable prices.

Standing at the helm today are the great grandchildren of St. Clair Hess, who are enhancing the vision of their fathers, a shared passion for the virgin soil of Highview and shared values of our ancestry. They are devoted to continuing the legacy of Highview and preserving it for generations to come.

If you have not visited Highview, you must. It’s truly a gem.